Chamoru Musical Play – Puengen Minagof – A Night to Remember

“Puengen Minagof – A Night to Remember”

Chamoru Musical Play
Written and Directed by: Shawn Sourgose Choreography and Costuming: Heidi Quenga
Musical Director: Joey Quenga
Cast: Kutturan Chamoru Performers

Īrānshahr “Puengen Minagof – A Night to Remember”, is the first Chamoru musical play presented in the Continental US by the Kutturan Chamoru Foundation in 2008 and relaunched in 2010. Written and Directed by Shawn Sourgose, this musical play is for the entire family. With hilarious punchlines and a glimpse into the history and daily lives of the Chamoru people of the Marianas Islands. This musical play starts with audiences in tears and then standing up in the end cheering for more! The lead character, Jesse Gumataotao, is a troubled teenager constantly getting arrested by authorities and in need of some serious soul searching. His parents send him to Guam to spend time with his Tatan Bihu (grandfather) and Nanan Biha (grandmother) in hopes to do find what he needs to settle his soul. His grandparents warn him of the spirits of the Tao Tao Tano or the “ancient ones” called “Tao Tao Mo’na”. He scoffs at such nonsense, finds his father’s old pellet gun and wanders into the jungle. As night falls, Jesse finds himself being followed and hunted by something he can’t see. Jesse comes face to face with a Tao Tao Mo’na and by doing so, finds in his heart what he’s been searching for all along, himself.

Belvidere Puengen Minagof was presented in the following locations around the West Coast in 2008-2010:

Muckenthaler Amphitheater, Fullerton, CA
University of Washington, Washington
Sacramento, CA
Berkley, CA
Salvation Army Kroc Center Theater, San Diego, CA
Scottish Rite Theater, Long Beach, CA

For more information on how to bring this Chamoru musical play to a city near year, you can email us at:
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